Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beyond Method #2

Our school district has purchased a service which provides for a library web page, as well as individual staff and student pages which we are all required to use and maintain. The library page is not user friendly and it is difficult and time consuming to add video and other features to the page. It basically consists of a bland calendar and an information area with links to other websites, such as databases. I am going to try and create a Netvibes page and see if I can create a link for students to use on the school's library web page. The school district blocks Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc., so it will be interesting to see if Netvibes will survive. I would like to have a section for Library Programs and Events, New Books, and Favorite Books (possibly by grade level). I can think of dozens of other things to add as well. The web sites I viewed in this section were very colorful and attractive which would greatly appeal to our high school students. I plan to reread the article by Michale Stephens, "Creating a Librarian's InfoPortal...." to help steer me through the process.

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